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Book Cover - As We Lay

As We Lay

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Jennifer Whitaker is every woman’s envy. She’s highly-educated, owns her own realty company, and is unmistakably gorgeous. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, in the city of Atlanta, her only downfall is she can’t seem to attract the right man. This nearly causes her to give up on love altogether.

In steps Stewart Sellers, a handsome and notable man, who works as an account manager for a major insurance company. Aside from climbing up the corporate ladder, he literally charms Jennifer out of her panties. Super-excited about her new love interest, Jennifer deems Stewart as the extraordinary man she’s been missing all along. Unbeknownst to Jennifer, Stewart fails to disclose his torrid sexual relationship with Jewell whom he’s been involved with for a while. In the end, this only convolutes matters more.

Ashley, who is Jennifer’s loving sister, tries to steer her sibling into the right direction. She only wants the best for Jennifer. Even so, attempting to conceal her own tainted past may be more difficult to deal with.

Discover what really happens in the mist of drama, deceit, and death. You’ll be left guessing who’s really laying with who in this thought-provoking romantic thriller.

Book Cover - Ladies Man 2

Ladies' Man 2

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It’s been almost a year now and Damien and Diamond are a happy couple. He finally has his marketing consulting business off the ground while her upscale salon services nothing but well-to-do clients.

Crystal, the woman who initially broke Damien’s heart, would give anything to win back his love. Her thriving medical practice, unlimited income, and elaborate home do not fill the void of her lonely heart. The persistent physician will stop at nothing to convince Damien to give her a second chance.

Meanwhile, Damien finds himself in a precarious situation by having to deal with a few notable women from his past. Nicole, who’s still married and miserable, attempts to derail Damien’s love train. The secret she has to share will only convolute matters even more. Katrina, the brash attorney, uses her wits and tries to outsmart Damien. But to her surprise, she may be only fooling herself. And of course, Tameka may finally get to speak her mind and tell Damien what’s really going on.

Find out how this explosive sequel plays out when Damien once again deals with deception, lies, and treachery. In the end, he’ll have to decide if giving up being a ladies’ man was well worth it and does love really conquer all.

Book Cover - Lovers


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Delve into the world of three couples whose lives eventually intertwine in Atlanta, Georgia. Each couple is seeking love but ends up finding something totally unexpected.

Raymond Burrell is a modest blue-collar worker with a thriving landscaping business. Savannah Calhoun, the quintessential of a Southern belle, is the woman he desperately wants to make his wife. Nevertheless, there’s a bigger surprise that awaits Raymond than what he may have bargained for.

Everett Ferguson is a financial whiz who owns a successful accounting firm. From the outside, he and his wife, Kelly, seem to be the perfect couple. Even so, Kelly’s unhappiness and past soon prove that money can’t always buy you love.

Martin and Madison Boudreaux have transplanted to Atlanta from New Orleans. Martin, who obtained his wealth in commercial real estate, attempts to expand his ever-growing enterprise. He quickly finds out that the new territory may not have been in the best interest for him and his loving wife.

Find out what happens when love is mixed with lies, unpredictable sexual encounters, betrayal, and death. Surely, you’ll be left guessing who’s loving who in this forcibly exciting romantic thriller.

Book Cover - Eye Candy

Eye Candy

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Aaron Malone has an almost perfect life in Atlanta, Georgia. He's happily married to his lovely wife, Monica, and they have two beautiful three-year old twin boys named Brandon and Braylon. In addition to that, he works as a senior designer at a very respectable and reputable architect firm called Donaldson and Bradshaw.

Donaldson and Bradshaw have been awarded the prestigious honor of revitalizing the old General Motors assembly plant which has been desolate for many years. To no one's surprise, Aaron is appointed to spearhead the revitalization project and is named the chief designer. His firm hires a smart, ambitious, and sexy consultant named Tiffany Towns to assist him. She's everything to rave for and is easily referred to as "eye candy" during her first day on the job. Even Sebastian, Aaron's best friend and colleague, notices her and advises Aaron everything that glitters isn't gold. Tiffany has more in mind than just working as a consultant with Aaron. The pair eventually has a hot and steamy one-night sexual escapade. Nevertheless, soon after the sexual encounter, Aaron attempts to distance himself from her to no avail.

The plot thickens when an array of sheer coincidences and bad luck begin to occur with Aaron and his family. Later, this evolves into distrust, betrayal, and even death. The ultimate caveat is trying to figure out who is the real "eye candy." Be forewarned though, that the obvious is simply not the obvious. You're guaranteed to be surprised how the ending plays out in this highly unpredictable romantic thriller.

Book Cover - Ladies Man

Ladies' Man

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Damien Hardy had everything early in life. He is an academic and athletic All-American at Crenshaw High in Los Angeles. On top of that, he's attractive, popular, and most of all madly in love with his beautiful girlfriend named Crystal Gayle. Until one horrific day, he catches Crystal in bed with another man and she breaks his heart. Right then, he vows never to fall in love again or give his heart to a woman.

Damien rescinds his baseball scholarship offer from USC and decides to attend the University of Miami instead. After a disappointing college baseball career, Damien's best friend Mookie convinces him to relocate to Atlanta. Mookie schools Damien on the "starting five concept" and Damien never looks back. While in Atlanta, Damien is involved with a plethora of beautiful black women and never can seem to get enough. After many years, love eventually prevails. Damien finds himself trying to make the ultimate choice.

First, Crystal resurfaces when she relocates her medical practice from L.A. to Atlanta. She desperately wants to rekindle her love interest with Damien. Secondly, Diamond springs back into Damien's life and has the ultimate surprise for him. Then there's Nicole, who is married and miserable but wants Damien all to herself. She stops at nothing to accomplish this task. But Katrina, the sophisticated high profile corporate attorney, has other plans for Damien. She's has everything in life, except a man, and now wants him as her "boy toy." Finally, Tameka who is Diamond's fake friend has a trick up her sleeve to combat them all.

Does love conquer all or will Damien continue to be just another ladies' man?